Hello, my name is Lex Raijmakers and I am a designer.

I am a digital designer who isn't scared to connect with the physical world. In my portfolio below you will see that I combine these two places in nearly every product. I am eager to learn and try out new things in every project.

More about me?

Portfolio below


Data Clock

The municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch was starting a smart city project in a young and growing part of the city called "De Spoorzone". They wanted an eye catching object that visualises data in a playful manner. Together with Tijn Arts I've designed, prototyped and built this clock that can be placed in the public space. It is designed to inform and activate residents of De Spoorzone regarding smart cities, citizen science and data collection. The 'Data Clock' is a visually attractive data gathering/data storage device. This version converts decibels of its surroundings into light. You can use the 'data clock' to analyse an environment and become aware of patterns concerning noise.
Video: https://vimeo.com/272904845 (password: dataclock)

In collaboration with

Share and skill

Data analytics

Data gathering


Product Design

Thinking about the future

Smart Cities

Gluing stuff

Working with the local government

Sensory The Living Lab

In the Brabant Living Lab at the Dutch Design Week 2017, Tijn Arts and I placed 6 data-collection boxes. Those boxes are each filled with a decibel sensor and a motion sensor. This data is collected and sent to a database via an Arduino with WiFi capabilities. Every day a tile is 3D printed, representing the decibel data from the day before. Also the sensorvalues are shown live to the public with a data dashboard. With this project we want to make people aware of the data that can be collected around us, and how this could improve your life.

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Share and skill

Rhino 3D


Generating models with an algorithm

Data Gathering

3D Printing

Exposing our work

Front-end development

Front-end design

Dune Migration Carafe

These carafes are generated by an algorithm that analyses dune movement. It creates organic vase-like shapes from the data of The Loonse and Drunense Dunes. Fifty square meters of dune within a time span of fifteen years are translated into a three-dimensional object. These objects let us experience dune migration in a new way. Made from bio-based PLA or glazed porcelain. Exposed during the Dutch Design Week 2017

In collaboration with

Share and skill

Rhino 3D


Generating models from an algorithm


Mold making from 3D prints

Glazing porcelain

Making a product market ready

Selling a product

Ergonomic Chair

Chair made from PMMA and oak wood. Solid chair with an ergonomic fitting. Blueprint generated with custom software, adjustable with your personal ergonomic data. Available in every size, hand-made. With this tool, it’s easier and faster to build a fitted design chair.


Making a chair

Writing software that generates blueprints



Bending plastics

Sawing wood in various angles

Recycle Poetry

A poetry generator which recycles words from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Why write if the words are already there. Anyone can create poetry with a little help. Exposed during the Dutch Design Week 2016. Visitors could generate small poems and print them on Thermal Paper.


Front-end design

Front-end development



Using a thermal printer